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Securely Sell & Fulfill eBook Orders

EditionGuard enables you to securely automate eBook fulfillment after an online purchase and control how your eBook content is shared.

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Upload an eBook or use one of our example ebooks to see for yourself how fast and easy eBook DRM can be. We support EPUB, MOBI, and PDF files.

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Choose Your eBook DRM

Select a DRM and choose your setting, such as limiting reading to a single device or restricting printing or copying text. We offer Adobe DRM, Readium LCP and a number of social DRM solutions.

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Sell Your eBooks With Storefront

EditionGuard provides you a storefront complete with secure payment and eBook delivery for every eBook or PDF you upload. Setup in just a few minutes, customize your URL and have sales directly deposited to your bank account. You can also connect to your website with our plugins.

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Monitor Your Downloads

EditionGuard provides beautiful activity monitoring for you to keep track of downloads and fulfillment across your catalog.

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Every Major eBook DRM.

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With EditionGuard you can choose the eBook DRM that is right for you.

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Adobe DRM

Control all aspects of your eBooks display, copy and printing permissions with industry leading features and encryption by Adobe DRM.

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Readium LCP

This hot new DRM is open spec, less expensive per fulfillment than Adobe and provides features and encryption on par with Adobe DRM.

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Social DRM

Perfect for lower content security needs, such as free eBooks and PDFs where you want to display ownership and track downloads.

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Stay In Control Of Your Content

EditionGuard provides you with the tools you need to control what customers do with your eBooks.

Display Permissions

EditionGuard provides powerful device level content management, from high level device access to granular level copy and printing permissions at a single device level. You can also easily set display expiration dates and control how long display is allowed from the time of download.

Copy Permissions

Our eBook DRMs can provide the highest level of copy permissions available. Restrict the number of pages that can be copied, the frequency of copy, and even set expiration dates for copying content.

Printing Protections

Restricting unauthorized printing of an eBook is easy with EditionGuard. You can restrict printing permissions altogether, choose to allow printing from a single device along with the number of pages that can be printed, frequency and date ranges.

Easy Setup. Instant Support.

EditionGuard is the easiest eBook DRM software to integrate to your website or software. Plus, get instant help with our real time chat support.

Integration Options

DRM Plugins

Connect to EditionGuard with Wordpress, Shopify, Magento or Zapier.

Developer API

EditionGuard provides a modern, restful API for web developers.


An efficient way to sync your ONIX based catalog system.

Support Channels

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