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Creating a Second Edition of Your eBook

Turgay Birand

July 30, 2013

Is your initial ebook publication outdated? Consider creating a second edition, which will allow the ebook to become new and fresh, attracting new audiences while also compelling existing audiences to desire the updated version of your ebook. To make it worthwhile, a rule of thumb recommends that approximately 15-25 percent of your book should be new. If you have only minor changes or catch a missed typo, you should not consider this an edition change. Second editions are obviously published for topics that cover rapidly-changing technical or educational ebooks, but a second edition can also work well if you have a compilation of advice to which you add new chapters or any other type of ebook to which substantial changes have been made. In some cases, if the changes are made to correct errors in the information, you may be able to offer the updated addition at no charge to your existing readers, as their word-of-mouth marketing can be worth the investment. If a second edition isn’t feasible but you’re looking for ways to expand your existing material, consider turning a single ebook into a series. No matter what you’ve written about, from acrylic painting to horse riding, you can create additional, closely-related topics on which you can publish additional ebooks. Once you’re a trusted author in a particular area, you’ll find that readers gravitate to you for more information on the same subject.

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