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Your eBook Cover Design Matters – A Lot

Turgay Birand

October 15, 2014

You would not go to a job interview dressed in your pajamas, and if you're trying to sell eBooks, you won't try to sell them without a professional, eye-catching eBook cover design. If you've written an eBook and want to make sales, the eBook cover design may be one of the most important factors that help you rise above the noise of the competition.

What Makes a Good eBook Cover Design?

The eBook cover, like the outfit you wear on an interview, is often the first impression (and possibly the only chance readers have) to decide whether or not your eBook is worthy of purchase. Your eBook cover needs to look professional. You don't necessarily need a 3D image if you are only selling digital copies of your book, but the 2D cover image should be sharp.

How Much Does It Cost To Make a Good eBook Cover Design?

You can get a professionally designed cover for a small investment, but it is definitely worth the money spent to get a high-quality graphic in multiple sizes and renditions that you can use not only in your digital eBook file but in all of your marketing as well. A good eBook cover design can make a big difference. Not only do you stand out more and have the ability to market better, but a good eBook cover design can help readers feel you're worth taking a risk on. You've poured your heart and soul into the work; now dress it properly!

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