How to Use QR Codes to Market Your eBook

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How to Use QR Codes to Market Your eBook

Turgay Birand

June 13, 2013

One of the most recent innovative and technological developments is something so innocuous, you may not even realize its importance. The QR code has the ability to revolutionize how much space it requires for you to tell your customers everything they need to know – about you, your ebook and how to buy it. QR codes to market your ebookQR stands for Quick Response, and a QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be loaded with information that a smartphone or other device can translate. The QR code, once scanned by the smart phone or device, can connect users to an author’s website, email, digital business card or an ecommerce site. Manufacturers use QR codes to provide shoppers with more detailed information about their products that either won’t fit on or doesn't belong on the packaging. Realtors use QR codes so that home shoppers can learn more about a home and take a virtual tour of the property. QR Codes and Indie Authors For indie authors, QR codes represent an ideal way to market ebooks to an already digital-friendly audience. You can print QR codes on business cards that share free samples of your book with interested readers, providing them with purchase info as well. You can include a QR code on library and bookstore bulletin boards that feature digital authors. There is even a company, Bitingduck Press, that creates postcard advertising in the shape of a book cover, prominently displaying a QR code on one side and information about the book on the other. With more than half the population using smartphones – a number that continues to grow almost exponentially – QR codes offer a new way for you to market your ebook and take advantage of this innovative method to increase your ebook sales. You can create a free QR code online, and Mashable has great advice for making your QR code stand out.  

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