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Investments You Should Make Before Publishing Your eBook

Turgay Birand

October 14, 2013

Self-publishing an ebook seems as if it should be an automated process that costs you little, if anything, to accomplish. As long as you are diligent enough to see your writing through to completion, you may believe that publishing your ebook should not require a huge investment other than time. There are, however, two areas in which some financial investment pays off in terms of better sales and a more professional and credible publication: editing and cover design. Invest in the services of a copy editor or proofreader for your ebook before you publish it. Even if you are otherwise an excellent proofreader, when you are reading your own material, you will see what you think you’ve written, not what is really there. It takes a fresh set of eyes to catch typos, misspellings that aren’t caught by your spell-checker program, and awkwardly-worded sentences. A good proofreader will cost you, at minimum, a few hundred dollars, but it will be worth it in the end. Invest also in a cover designer. Unless you are a graphic designer by trade, hiring someone to create an ebook cover for you will make a huge difference in how visible you are online and how likely it is that people will be interested enough to learn more about what you wrote. A professional designer will work with you on the design and provide you with high-resolution images that you can use for marketing your ebook as well. What else do you think requires an investment prior to publishing your ebook? Some people do judge a book by its cover. Ensure that your invest as much in the publication of your ebook as you did in the writing.

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