Market your eBook the Right Way: the Website

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Market your eBook the Right Way: the Website

Turgay Birand

May 21, 2013

There are a number of things you can do to successfully market your eBook , but to really get the most exposure, you need to take a multi-pronged approach that includes the use of a website, social media marketing, blogging and speaking engagements. In the next few posts, we’ll go over each of these in turn, beginning this week with how to use a website to market your eBook. Marketing your eBook Begins with a Website The decision you need to make before you launch your website is about how you want to market yourself. Are you marketing you, the author, or just the book? Simplicity suggests that you should market yourself as an author so that you can simply add new publications to the same site as you write and publish them. Things to Consider when Creating a Website:
  • Be sure to choose an easy-to-remember domain name, such as your name or the name of your book.
  • Keep the design clean and make it easy to navigate.
  • Include information about how to purchase your eBook.
  • Include a tab for readers who might be interested in writing a review about your book.
Your eBook or author website does not have to be expensive or difficult; you can purchase a domain for $8-12 from and use WordPress to design the site. Be sure your website includes links to your social media accounts, as we’ll discuss social media marketing next week.

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