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Why Won’t My eBook Sell?

Turgay Birand

November 18, 2013

Many indie authors ask, "Why won't my eBook sell?" There are a number of reasons eBooks won’t sell, but the top reasons often have to do with how the eBook is written, designed  and marketed. Here at EditionGuard, we have solutions to the top issues indie authors face regarding poor sales. Small-Niche Subjects. The most popular eBook categories are diet, health, romance, self-help and fiction. But even if you’re writing an eBook on a subject in a small niche that has a relatively small target audience, you can still increase your sales and readership by marketing the book before it’s written. Rushed to Publish. Readers can tell when you’ve rushed to get your eBook published without taking the time to read through it, edit it, proofread it and test it on different publishers. Reviews from readers help you sell more eBooks, but no one will recommend a book that is difficult to read because of spelling and grammar errors. We strongly urge every eBook author to invest in professional editing and proofreading, to ensure that the published eBook presents the author in his or her best light. Poor or No Graphics. You can significantly improve the sales of your eBook simply by adding a cover image. If you’re not skilled with graphic design, you may want to consider having a cover designed for you. The truth in the saying “a picture is worth 1,000 words” is never truer than when trying to sell your eBook online. Images make a difference. Poorly Formatted. Unless you’re simply uploading a text file that has no chapters, table of contents or images, taking the time to format your eBook is crucial. You will not only receive negative feedback from readers who attempt to make their way through your poorly-formatted eBook, but you may even have some asking for their money back. As an indie author, you’re probably very excited about getting your eBook out there in front of readers, but if you want to see your sales improve, it’s worth spending the extra time (and perhaps money) to do it right. When you are ready to publish, EditionGuard offers an easy-to-integrate platform that lets you retain all of your profits. Learn more.

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